Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Post Easter!

Or, Happy Easter Post.I had such a fantastic day! I found out at the last minute that my 12 year old had to be home and that Easter morning had to be exactly the same as usual.

As a mom, I knew where that desperation was coming from. We've had a traumatizing two years and he wants to reclaim them back somehow. His way was having Easter EXACTLY the same. So I thought, "Sure". I'm up for that.

I drove out of town to pick him up because he was visiting my mother. I also hunted through Superstore to find all the same things as usual. This was tough because my memory is crap right now.

I also bought things for an Easter egg hunt because the one we've always gone to at my grandmothers was canceled. When I went to pay it was $121! I acted all smooth like it was no problem but really, that's the last of our money for the month.

I set my alarm for 5:00am so I could hide his basket and some eggs, like usual. I knew I'd be wrecked from doing it but sometimes thing must be done. He woke up in the morning and didn't wake me up! How fab! So I felt not too bad when I got out of bed.

My oldest son showed up with three friends for the afternoon egg hunt. There's nothing cuter than teenagers who are trying to maintain their "cool" status but are dying to run around the yard for eggs.

I love them. Especially my son who has his boxers sticking out of his pants.

The day was beautiful but completely stormed after the hunt. The wind whipped up in a frenzy and the rain poured and eventually snowed. It was, in conclusion, the perfect day.

And the SuperUltimateUberWickedCool thing that happened was finding this mutant mini egg. I have been eating mini eggs for 20 years and have never found an egg such as this.

I'm pretty sure in some cultures, mutant mini eggs are a sign of good fortune.


Allison said...

I've never seen a mutant mini egg either! But I'm pretty sure you're right about the good fortune.

Beat Black said...

your picture of your son and his friends made me laugh

Unknown said...

the mutated egg is hilarious! sometimes the same isnt so bad...im glad yall had a fun day

Michelle said...

Happy Easter, my friend!


Mixed Species said...

Great work BaldyLocks! Love your writing and will be returning to read more.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a great day you all had..I think that mutant egg is quite original.
Give it a place of honor, hope no one ate it..Happy (belated)Easter..

High Desert Diva said...

Love the boxer butt shot!

Hooray for mutant mini eggs!

Tragicomedy said...

That was so cute! I wish I'd have my son one Easter so I can do the same. We used to go to my ex's rich Grandparents house and all of the kids there would come home with 20-100 bucks. He'd stuff the eggs with crisp bills, what a good man.

He was with my Mom at my Grandpas this year and since it's a part of life, I'm safe to say this will probably be Poppaw's last Easter.

That sure looked fun. Maybe next year I'll crash your Easter party!