Friday, April 25, 2008

Striped Socks

There's one thing I know for sure. Striped socks and fruit salad with whipping cream will cure any sour mood.

Haven't I ever mentioned that before?


High Desert Diva said...

made me smile

trinlayk said...

:) my favorite socks are the ones I've knit for myself out of stripy yarn! yay! for stripy socks.

Sweetlife said...

I'm with ya Baldylocks! Green drinks aren't always enough....unless they are made with mint chip ice cream!
I won't tell if you don't
Love, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Or fuzzy slippers and carrot orange juice. Or martinis and pajamas, together at last. Or eating those wrinkly black olives while wearing my penguin-printed bathrobe. Yeah... I know whatcha mean.