Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hidden People

I try to take my camera everywhere I go. The reason is, is that the world is a fascinating place. If you open your awareness and look up from your own life, you will see things. Intriguing, curious and mind bending things. Instead of constantly building answers in our controlled universes, you end up with more questions.

Cancer has busted me out of my workaholic, perfectionist, achievement based world and shown me something new. The world is slower now. In the slowness of life you can actually see the details. Put down that coffee, lay down your to do lists, and look.

The other day I drove to the beach and saw 3 people. A girl and a guy were naked, painted purple and running and splashing in the ocean. The third was taking their photos. They continued this while people went by, jogging, walking, and strolling with their dogs talking on phones and listening to ipods. Some of them never noticed. Some of them were startled at the last moment and kept going. I sat watching and wondering. Why didn't I have my camera? My best guess is they were art students. God I miss school.

I went by a friend of the family's house and met her new "other". Fascinating. I will post about that tomorrow.

Yesterday I went for a walk to the beach and came across painted driftwood Santas floating in the ocean. All their faces had been scribbled over. Creepy. Again no camera. I went back today for some photos.

They had been tossed up all over the beach overnight. Next thing you know, one was coming home with me.

I planted him in the yard to wait for my kids.

Watch this and you'll see why, heh, heh.

I'm going to put it in their bedroom when they are sleeping tonight.


High Desert Diva said...

I wonder what the purple people were up to?

and finding the driftwood Santas with the scribbled out bizarre is that? But that cartoon? Freaky.

Evelin said...

yeah..the cartoon is freaky...wonder what happen to him after. yikes!

Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

hehehe you are a wicked woman! Don't freak your kids out... unless you video it hehehe.

Ooops I think the evil side of me has come out to play today. I better go and tape a couple of hoops and get some of the good side back.

trinlayk said...

Good heavens, now I WANT a gnome!