Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Party for One

So, I've been on my own a lot these last two years. I've been too sick to notice up until now. Now, as I continue to improve, I'm starting to feel this void which is in my life. The boys have gone off to see my parents and the few people I have left are out and about busy. I am completely on my own.

My two year post transplant cancerversary is coming on Sunday and I planned to have my two close friends over. One of them suggested to bring some of her friends and I declined. I thought about how I will get too overwhelmed and exhausted. Trying to follow in conversations and getting to know new people wears me out and is hard in general.

Then...this was last night. When the gnome and alien came to dinner I decided that perhaps I should reconsider. I'd say the sooner the better.

Don't worry. I already made the call.

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High Desert Diva said...

Let the new friends (er....the real people) entertain you...just sit back, listen and enjoy