Friday, August 1, 2008

Biopsy Results

So my sons lymph node biopsy came back inconclusive. They found it's a little larger than when he had the first ultrasound which was only a few weeks ago. It went from 2.6cm to 3cm.

So they want to take it out. I thought something like that would be a simple enough procedure but it turns out he'll need to spend the night in the hospital after and do nothing for a week. If he's back to school when they do it, then he will miss that week. Every time we see a doctor, the ante gets upped a little. I keep thinking it will all be fine and then the next step comes.

So, we are waiting for the surgery date, living life as usual.

It's been raining ever since I went dress shopping. We haven't had rain for ages and people weren't really prepared for it. Downtown I saw this cute couple that was trying to stay dry waiting for the walk signal.


Michelle said...

Sorry about your son but i am sure all will be fine! God is watching over you guys!!!

Great photo!!

I'm just saying!!!

Anonymous said...

(((I'm so sorry you are going through this.)))

PS I was "cancersux." Left you another comment under the "Stupid Cancer Show -the text version" post.

High Desert Diva said...