Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Freak Out Day

I wrote a Freak Day post and then deleted it. It's really just more information than I'm willing to put up. Things with my health are fine and that will be confirmed by my appointments next week in Vancouver.

On the other hand, my financial situation has dried up and things are getting scary in the money dept. There have been a few rays of hope throughout the day, so as I said in my deleted post, everything always works out. This will too.

Fall seven times, stand up eight. -Japanese Proverb


High Desert Diva said...


Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

Money is a bit squeaky tight here too. Crap health prevents me from getting a Job and Jon has been made redundant with no prospects of work on the horizon, our fridge freeze just died and out boiler doesn't work and needs to be replaced at a cost of about £1000... I've worried my self sick about it for weeks and even have a crying screaming fit over it more than once, but I've become resigned to the fact that worrying and crying won't fix it, so that's a waste of energy.

Things will get better. Summer will come and we won't care about not having a boiler then. Hopefully a fridge freezer will come up on freecycle, but at the moment it's so cold we can survive without one. So winter does have some bonuses :)

I think we should celebrate the fact that we can live on so little money. I'm sure it means we have a smaller carbon footprint because of it. It also teaches you how most of the stuff we get used to buying all the time really isn't needed. How about we compete to see how little money we can spend in a month?

High Desert Diva said...

That proverb says it all.

Anonymous said...

Yes. This will too. I'm sure. Greetings from (icy) Germany.

P.S. - nice music.


BaldyLocks said...

I'm absolutely up for seeing who can spend the least. My goal for Jan. is to spend $0 other than rent, bills etc.