Monday, January 5, 2009

Panic Day's Eve

I'll start by saying this, things always work out. Always.

I've been doing some preparations in apprehension of the big day tomorrow. I know it's a little early to be dipping into the festive mood but I guess it's all part of gearing up for the big shindig. So far I've panicked about my bloodwork results and spent the day googling info about lymphocytes absolute etc and what it means if it is a little high. There I found lovely scientific sentiments such as, my kind of cancer=poor prognosis. How lovely.

I took mini breaks from that by obsessing about old flames and what went wrong. I also mulled over what love means and tried to pinpoint why exactly people make life long unions. Oh joy.

I made calls to the Cancer Agency about my dental appointment to see if there would be a charge, just to find out I don't have a cleaning appointment and there are no others open that day (which coincides with my oncology day). It turns out I have an appointment with Dentist Oncologist Man, which is fine because I have been noticing changes in my mouth recently. These changes point to Graft/vs/Host having an unscheduled play date in my body. As long as it leaves my liver and vagina out of it, then fine. Oh, and also as long as they don't up my medications again, I guess I can deal.

I also made some other important calls and dug for other important information while nervously forgetting everything simultaneously. Finally I rounded all that out by hitting the picking at my nail polish, phase.

Yes, it seems I am truly prepped and ready for Freak Day.


High Desert Diva said...

"Things always work out" and you have a new haircut and new make-up. So you're gonna rock the appointment no matter what!

Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

Hmmm... Hasn't anyone ever told you to never look up any illnesses on-line? I gave up doing it when I started reading articles about M.E. that were supposedly written by experts in M.E. that were telling me things that simply weren't true. That's the problem with on-line information, quite often things that look like genuine information turn out to be bunkum.

Besides, statistics are not you. Each person that those statistics are based on live totally different lives and aren't you.

Last week I was reminded just how fragile life is when a 4 year old girl was killed by a TV falling on top of her. The spokes woman for the family that spoke on the local news then reminded me of another important thing. She said that even though this little girl had only had 4 short years of life she had used every moment to the full. She lived her life having fun and smiling lots, so we shouldn't dwell on the length her life was but on the quality every day had. So true.

BaldyLocks said...

Very true.