Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lake Sitting

It's evening and the heat from the day is blowing softly across the lake. I sat on the wharf listening to the ripples of the water and the train rumbling by. A young guy had a stereo system in his boat and was pumping out the tunes that thumped clear across the water. As I sat with my hair blowing in the breeze, I just tried to let everything process.

I feel like a cicada shedding it's skin.

I feel as if I'm purging my old life. I've made some brutal mistakes on this trip and and am rolling in hurt. Have you ever wondered if you're not the heroine of your own life but actually the tragic figure? Today has been rough. Nothing like spending days with yourself for flushing out old demons. The mild heat stroke from driving all day in the car hasn't helped.

I hope I am dealing with things now and will be coming back a different person. All I can really do though, is hope.

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Jens said...

"The heat from the day is blowing softly across the lake."

I read it and I can almost feel it. Wonderful described.