Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I See Drunk People

I've been to a few gatherings recently as well as in the Christmas season and I came to a realization. I get along well with drunk people.

I have some anxiety about going out with groups of people these days because it takes all my energy just to get ready. I really want to make a good impression but with my severe fatigue, when I get extra tired, it can take extra long to get my words out. I forget words. It's frustrating and I hate it. When in that position I feel like a complete moron.

I miss my superhuman memory. I was at the very high end of the memory spectrum and getting used to conversing with people now is very stressful...

Until I realized that I fit in like a glove with anyone who's been drinking. I don't drink because it's all I can do to show up with some makeup, clothes that fit and hair that's bedhead free, if I drank anything, I'd be on my face.

The funny thing about being in a group of people is that they assume I've had a few nips too. I love loopholes like that. So far no one has caught me and I can relax and feel comfortable even if that means being completely anti social and curling up in a corner on the carpet.


Caroline said...

I don't think drunk people will notice. Your secret is safe.

Elly Lou said...

Perfection! To add to that, people get offended if I don't remember having met them. I always counter with, "Well did we meet at a bar?" The answer is always yes and I can joke it all away.