Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vancouver Post Olympic Oncology Checkup -Ferry Walk About

My computer is getting old. So old in fact, that I'm having trouble precessing the photos that I constantly take. My poor computer is nearly 4 years old, which is at least 80 in people years. Random things keep breaking on it, like my touch pad and my DVD drive and the power cord. I think I know how my computer feels.

Anyway I am going to post the photos from my Vancouver trip in a series so I don't get tortured and go raving mad trying to fix them up in Photoshop. Just getting them ready for the web shouldn't be such a loooong hard job.

I left on Tuesday which was the second day after the Olympics had wrapped up. I noticed the changes to my travel immediately as I drove by this sign to get into the ferry lineup.

I parked and luckily there were no sailing waits to head over to Vancouver.

The weather had been so beautiful lately with sunny blue skies but this day was grey and a little wet. I had some time before the ferry arrived so I got out of my car and walked over to the waiting area where they have seating, magazines and food.

This shot is taking a look back at my car in the line.

I noticed that everything looked a lot more spiffy and new than it did when I last traveled over. Heck, I didn't even know payphones still existed. Usually when I find them they're broken but these ones look like they're at the ready to serve all you're calling needs.

I stared at the food and magazines but didn't buy anything then sat for a bit. I've eaten WAY too much ferry food for one lifetime.

I kept walking and as I went out the back, had a view of they ferries, waiting to take their passengers over the water.

As I came back around I walked by a whale sculpture that I've walked by many, many times before.

It's painted with the reflection of the ocean on it's belly.

I've seen whales off the boat before as well as porpoises. Sometimes they follow the ship and sometimes they've been in the bay. Soon the ferry let off it's previous passengers and we were loaded on. I can't tell you how many hours upon hours I've spent the last 3 1/2 years staring at the white ceiling of the car decks. I was usually too sick to get out of the car and walk around. I also wasn't allowed near people because of my low immune system. The car was my little bubble of safety.

I noticed that the familiar ceiling had been given a fresh new coat of paint.

This time I'm not sick, so I didn't stick around to stare the ceiling down. I've become so used to the ferry trip that it sometimes takes some effort to gaze out at the breathtaking views. The B.C. Ferries are pretty breathtaking but for those who live on the islands, they are just a method of transport. We deal with them with a little frustration as we try to get to our destination.

I find these necessary trips to my oncologist very exhausting but I try to pretend I'm over on a day trip, and I do a little something for myself. Usually that means I eat something nice.

Vancouver Island has great cancer facilities and doctors but blood cancers and stem cell transplants are so specialized and difficult that they keep it all central in Vancouver. The trips are not a choice and I feel tired just thinking about it but I suck it up knowing that I have some of the best treatment medical treatment in the world.

Doctors come from all over the world to do internships at the Vancouver General Hospital in the a huge tower in the sky. I was at the very top when I was hospitalized and had million dollar views of the city of Vancouver. I have to say I didn't appreciate the view like others may have. I missed the feel of the sand and grass under my feet.

As we pushed off, I looked out of the side of the ship off the car deck and watched one of the smaller ferries go past. They take residents and visitors to the smaller islands.

It's a little bit hypnotizing to watch the wake of the ship so I stand there for a few minutes feeling the wind and wondering what the next few days of my appointments will bring.

I grew up here on the water, in boats, fishing and and spending %90 of my summers in the river.

This is my home. I'm so glad to still be here.


Dawny said...

I'm so glad your still here too :O)

Gorgeous pictures, so calming


BaldyLocks said...

I am soooo tired after my trip and it's been a week since I got back. Bleh.

Jens said...

I've never been on such a big ferry.
And whales in the wild. Very cool!

BaldyLocks said...

I have photos of the whales somewhere. If I can find them, I will post them.

Sweetlife said...

Thanks for the pics! I sooo want to go Vancouver!!!!!! Hope you regain your energy soon.....I am also so glad you are here!

Kyra said...

and i'm so grateful you here. :)