Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Mighty Bake Sale

I made some posters last month for a good cause. My son's old school was raising funds and awareness for building an arts centre. This is the same school that Nelly Furtado went to which I always thought was pretty cool.

I've been trying to build my skills to work in graphics online and for print. I'm trained in the fine arts and had planned to take my MBA when cancer foiled my plans.

Since my brain is built for business and visual arts I'm trying to bridge the gap so I can start designing websites. (If you click on the photos you'll see the posters full size).

So these posters were a bit of fun for me to do. Teenagers are the toughest audience because they are the most marketed to demographic. Getting them to notice a small poster as they shuffled through the busy hallways was something I had to think about. I needed them to pop! I researched fonts, designed colour schemes and playing with layout.

When I heard they were taking the posters off the walls and keeping them in their lockers after the bake sale, it let me know I was dead on the money!

One guy involved in the sale went home and baked some cupcakes that resembled the ones in the poster to sell. They were a huge hit!

My youngest son was happy to model for me which was a small inside joke. We wanted to see if his old friends noticed it was him. Sure enough a friend called him and said it was SO weird that there was a poster with a guy that looked like he could be his twin.

The best part was, I got to eat my props after I had photographed them and they hardly even complained.


Caroline said...

awesome posters!

Jens said...

Pretty professional looking posters. Very good. The best is actually the second poster. The slightly devilish look in the eyes of your son (in the direction of the cake). Priceless, haha.

P.S. - This site will certainly be exciting.

BaldyLocks said...

Thanks, the website will eventually be a portfolio.

Dawny said...

Just caught these....BRILLIANT !!!!!