Thursday, June 24, 2010


The sunshine is out and the city is heating up including my arthritis. It gets me in the hands and hips the worst and was caused my long term high dose prednisone. After the last 4 days of increasing agony, this evening it was too much.

I asked my son to stick his elbow into my back to try and relieve the pain but apparently that is WAY too close to your mom for a 15 year old. Instead he put a sock onto a broom handle and jabbed my back with that in the hopes that I would stop bugging him. It worked. I stopped asking and realized since there was no masseuse at my immediate disposal, there was only one thing that could be done.


And not the expensive kind. I need the cheap hit of over sugared and coloured coated candiness.

I couldn't take it anymore. I took some Tylenol and hopped in the car to head to Walmart because that is the land of gargantuan sized, cheap junk food. They have entire isles of nothing but cheap chocolate in varying forms. When my son asked me where I was going I told him that my arthritis was killing me and was begging for M & M's. He curtly told me that my arthritis DIDN'T have a voice and that it CAN'T ask for M & M's.

Of course I laughed quietly to myself and forgave him for his obvious lack of life experience.


Jens said...

Again, so rational, your youngest. Could easily be a German. I hope that the M & M's department could help you out.


P.S.-It is England next.
Support Germany!

Have a nice day!

Jens said...

The English team has to head home. I did not expect that the result is so clear. Deutschland 4 - England 1. We have slaughtered the English literally.
It is always interesting to read the English press before and after the game.
Whatever. The next opponent will be stronger.


BaldyLocks said...