Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome! To anyone checking out my blog for the first time. This is where I write about my struggles and adventures of living life post cancer, post bone marrow transplant, and chemotherapy induced menopause with humour!

Since my haematologist first whispered those golden words, "You have leukemia" in my ear and threw me in a helicopter, my life has become a rollercoaster which I try and document through my art, photography and writing. I have been on the Stupid Cancer Show twice, am currently painting for a show sometime in the future while balancing all of my medical crap and I occasionally make a video to boot. It may not be pretty but it's my life.

The reason I have this life is because someone donated bone marrow (my younger brother). So first things first! Are you on the bone marrow donor registry yet? You can get information and sign up here if you are within Canada. Wouldn't it feel good to give someone a second chance at life? Hell YES! Please, sign up today, we need you!

Below is a self portrait I took while in hospital being prepped for my stem cell transplant, July 2006. This photo has recently completed a two year journey around Canada being shown in each and every province with the Cancer Connections photography show.

This is a slightly cropped version of the photo in the show. I was receiving one of the 6 days of chemotherapy that was going to wipe out my immune system completely. After the 6 days, there is a day of rest and then the transplant.

There was more than I could ever tell you, going through my mind that day when I shot this photograph (you can see I'm holding the camera at the bottom of the photo). I had my running shoes ready to escape the hospital, just in case. Glad I didn't run because I wouldn't be here now.

This photo is also up on the Photosensitive site, click here to see the online gallery. The show, called Cancer Connections, is a joint project between the Canadian Cancer Society and Photosensitive. There are over almost 1,000 images on the site. I was lucky enough to be able to see my photograph unveiled in Vancouver, April 20th, 2010. It stayed up for two weeks right near Canada Place before it moved on back across the country. You can read my post about the day I spent at the opening here. I was one happy camper that day.

Here are 6 other powerful images from the show by independent photographers. Cancer affects us all at every age and does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone, even a healthy 33 year old woman who loved to run in the mornings.

These pictures are so stunning and raw, giving a small glimpse into our personal cancer experiences.

Last Sunday's Hot Rods and Hot Bods fundraiser in Victoria was such a success! There were so many people out in force donating their time and skills to raise awareness for prostate cancer and to help me through this harsh reality I find myself in. I am so completely grateful for the selfless kindness and support from people I haven't even met. As much as I want to express my gratitude and love for them I am faced with the fact that there aren't enough words I could ever say that would completely express how much what they did meant to me.

I will try with this.

I am ever so thankful. Thank you, thank you , thank you...


Please come again and visit my blog often. I would love if you came along with me and shared in my adventures!


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what amazing pictures!!!

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