Thursday, September 30, 2010

Waxing Poetic in The Bathroom Stall

Occasionally when I am forced to relieve myself in a public toilet, between trying to play the 'don't touch anything game' and dodging any roaming pathogens, I wonder... does God write in Sharpie?

Does God send Earthly secrets to the few, in the know, and sprinkle universal wisdom to anyone caught in the sweet moment of relief?

Or perhaps does God answer unknown authors grieving questions in the low key location of the bathroom stall walls like a booth of enlightenment?

Silent conversations go on within those steel walls. Replies follow. Some kind and supportive, some explicit.

Have I discovered some underpinnings of the human psyche that flow from the ink of a pen? I find all writings within the proximity of the loo to be unexpectedly introspective as if these words are released from the depths of the writer's soul.

Sharpie 1-"Somedays I almost feel alive
but most days I forget to live

Reply sharpie -"don't give up"

Self questioning sharpie -"i'm frightened by what I think"

Bitchy black pen -"post secret much?"

liquid paper says -"smoke doobies!"

Dayglo Blue paint pen -"hooray for doobies!"

Yearning for answers Sharpie says-"I have enough $ to pay for school but my parents won't let me quit my job that I hate. Should I quit anyway or should I stick with it? <---Never be a server ever! YES NO"

Reply in blue pen -"But you must be miserable to make art! Surely this is true."

Bleeding Kitty says -"Love Bites"


And apparently Tom Loves Laural but why in the heck was he in the girls bathroom?


Marie said...

mm wish I could have such deep thought in public loos ;-)) though yes, some makes for *interesting* reading ;-)

Dawny said...


Yes, the private time for contemplation :O)