Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So I traded the war paint in for oil paint today. I picked up my pallet and scraped the old paint away. I made sure I got all the residue off so I could start fresh. Despite the case of nerves, I squeezed out and mixed new colours and dabbed my brush in. I slid the paint covered bristles onto the rough gesso'd canvas that had a drawing of a thought on it.

It's an interesting thing making a thought into a visual image. You never quite know if it will come across or not. Whether is does or doesn't makes no difference. It occupied me and made me refocus for at least a small amount of time.

These thoughts I've been entertaining about my life without a hip and degenerating joints are twisting me into knots. I need to not lose myself.

Thank god for friends who put up with me and thank goodness for understanding people online who can relate to what it is I'm going through.


Jill said...

I hear painting is supposed to be great therapy for cancer patients...good for you for picking up that brush and painting again! I was never any good at that and so I love to take photos and find that it helps me focus on other things. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our thoughts of cance that we need a release.
Sunday I am doing the run here and that will be a hard day for me and so for the fun of it we are spraying our hair pink!
Hopefully you will share some of your artwork with us.
Take Care,

BaldyLocks said...

Good luck on your run! Let me know if you post photos of the pink hair because I'd love to see them.