Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Morning Inspiration

My morning routine helps me get over the slow start my body commands. I wake up and lay there until I'm able to get out of bed feeling groggy because of the medications I have to take at night. My first thought of the morning is, tea & newspaper! I head on down to the kitchen and put on the steel kettle to boil, then I head to the door and grab the paper. My sons leave it on the inside as they rush off to school in the morning. I have my tea and then read the paper, often trying to get my eyes to focus. The graft/vs/host I have in my eyes make them very very dry (very dry).

Then I head to my computer to read the art & design blogs that I love. (And yes it does take me ages to shake off the morning sluggishness).

I read PoppyTalk who is a blogger from my neck of the woods in Vancouver. I also browse through DesignSponge which was my first blog I ever read regularly. This morning Poppytalk posted about an online magazine and it really help stoke the 'ol inspiration fire. It's called CovetGarden.

I haven't read a lot of online magazines before but they are pretty amazing. I love how in depth this one goes into their crafty subjects.

I also check into Bloesm and Decor8 at some point in the day or every few days.

Here's the links:
Covet Garden online magazine

Happy reading!

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