Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Sketch Book Page

I scribble quotes that mean something to me, all through my sketch books.

Sometimes I even put them on my blog! This sketch book page ended up drawn on, painted, collaged, painted again and then a quote scratched on top in sharpie. When I put things in my sketch book, they are never for show. My sketchbook is private and strictly for myself to capture ideas for a later date.

I feel it's also written in a personal language that's all my own, no one else would ever be able to decipher it anyway. Every mark I make is connected to larger, well developed ideas and concepts that reside in my mind. I guess the sketchbook is more like an index page. The real content is within me.


Jens said...

Very expressive drawing. So young and yet such a serious look in your eyes.
Cute anyway.

BaldyLocks said...

The photo is of my mother. She never smiled in her photos which makes for a lot of fun for me to use them in my paintings.

I never looked like that even thought I look just like my mother. In my childhood photos I look like a complete wild child.... which I guess I was.

Jens said...

Ha ha, my mistake.
Family resemblance.