Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cabin Fever

I haven't been feeling well this last week. Not like a cold but not like myself either. I've had a few day long, skull cracking headaches, and nausea and just a weird all over unwell feel. Maybe it's signs of an upcoming stroke? Or an aneurism?

A few weeks ago the health unit called me and told me I may not be immune to the chicken pox, and I've been itchy. I Googled adult chicken pox symptoms.

Or maybe it's something else? Like Lupus? I've been watching House lately.

Maybe it's a skin infection? Or my kidneys are failing?

My eyes have been awfully dry. I hope it's not the graft/vs/host flaring. Although it doesn't feel like graft/vs/host... or cancer.

Maybe I've suddenly become allergic to my bras? Or that top I just bought at the thrift store? Maybe it's an adverse reaction to hair dye? I did just get my hair done for my art show.

Or maybe there's a build up of all these stupid medications in my system? Maybe there's a lifetime cap on what your body will ingest medication wise?

My hip is still bothering me. I've gained a lot of weight this last year. I hope it hasn't impaired my immune system. Or caused more estrogen in my body in addition to the hormone patch that I have to wear.

After talking to a friend the other day it seems as if I've had at least one migrane. What would happen if I had a stroke while driving? Would I be able to stop the car?

Geesh, I hope I stay in one piece until the art openings.


Caroline said...

And its not a headache, its a brain tumor. Its not cramps, its ovarian cancer, and blah, blah, blah. You are fine. Don't look up symptoms on the internet until AFTER your art show. If you still have the symptoms then, you might want to go see a doctor. Good luck with your show and please post pictures

BaldyLocks said...

*puts brain tumour on the list*

I'll try not to Google any more symptoms. I think I need a break out in the sunshine but I have painting to do.

Jens said...

Overwork and stress can be the trigger.
Seems to me most likely.