Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prepping the Gallery

Today was the day I painted the gallery.

It's a small community run gallery and we wanted it to be fresh and white for my artwork to move in on Tuesday.

So we found some paint cans and cracked out the roller. I painted the entire bottom section of all the walls as far as I could reach. After that I burnt out and there was no way I was going up the ladder. I still find it frustrating how limited my abilities are now. The gallery coordinator finished the top portions.

There was a bit of a reminder across the street. There is a theatre there and I spent 4 years painting huge sets for another larger theatre before I got the 'C'. I used to sit atop a 20ft ladder that was on wheels, on the stage. It would move and squeak with every brush stroke I made. You'd think a little gallery would be no problem.

No worries though. I'm tired and a little broken but the slate is clean and white, waiting for the colour to move in.

I snapped this photo of the gallery from the outside looking in with the peak of the theatre reflecting in the windows.

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