Sunday, February 27, 2011


Snow is a rare commodity here. Word has it that the rest of Canada doesn't make snowmen. I guess that's because it's colder than hell frozen over there. Here it's beautiful. When we get snow, we get excited and the snowmen and impromptu igloos start to be built. Canadians here laugh when people think we have igloos but I guess in the rarest of places they do exist, even for a couple of days. I just happened to see one partially built on a high school field as I walked past.

When I was a kid, one year it snowed enough for me to make a pile large enough for me to carve out and crawl into. It never snowed that much again long as I lived there but I will always remember that cool, crisp feeling of being surrounded in white.

For me, I prefer the rain and the misty beaches. That's what I grew up with and what I'm used to.

So here are some rare snapshots of my neighborhood in snow. There is even a snowman that was built at city hall wearing a city T-shirt.

And I rarely ever get to wear my kitty ear knit hat.


Caroline said...

I'll be happy to send you some of our snow... we have too much this year. And its snowing today. It snowed yesterday. I think its supposed to snow tomorrow too. But in winter its obligatory to wear a silly hat - especially one with kitty ears - as often as possible. Its so cute!

Jill said...

I kind of envied you guys down in Victoria because here in Sidney we only got a dusting of the white stuff.
I love the B/W photos and your self pertrait:)

Jens said...

Absolutely cute, you with this hat.
Too bad that your face is hidden by the camera.

Soon it is time. Your Artshows.
I'll keep my fingers crossed again.