Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visiting the Vampires

I got the deed done. It didn't feel like it had been six months rather than two weeks since I had my bloodwork done last but I sure caused them some trouble. Apparently I had been 'discharged' from the lab. By whom, I have no idea.

I restrained my self from making the same joke I make every time I go there despite it being a fresh new person I'd never seen before. The whole thing feels like second nature to me, I breeze through it like others would make a coffee order.

"One standing order with an add on, not on the arms, doesn't hurt, no tape. Thanks, see you in six months"


Jens said...

Bloodsuckers, yes.
In our local university hospital, there's a departement for "Blood Affairs" (eg, blood donations, bone marrow registry, etc).
Their logo is actually a vampire, which flies on to you (with a grinning face).
Fits somehow, isn't it?

You're brave.

BaldyLocks said...

Seriously? I want a photo of that! That would make my day.