Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fun Day

The mountain and I had a date a few days ago. We haven't seen each other much since I started working again but I plan on making it more. There's nothing like the view after my own two feet have taken me to the top.


hockeychic said...

Love it!

Nancy said...

What great pictures. I'm glad you were on your mountain again. Loved the views.

Anonymous said...

What amazing, life-affirming photos. The one of you jumping with the vista in the background is simply an iconic "after" picture.

I just discovered your blog and am blown away by your energy. I have a long-term cancer-like illness and feel pretty proud when I can make dinner.

I have a blog as well which is a platform for creative expression for people who are connected to cancer. We welcome submissions of writing, art, video, cartoons, whatever. Please consider submitting something. I think that you could inspire many other people (and clearly already are). You can find us at

I have been trying to share resources on the blog as I find them. You will definitely be the subject of a post over the next week.

Keep up the most excellent blogging.

Samantha Albert
Ultra Sounds

Jens said...

I wish you a merry Christmas.

P.S.-beautiful photos.

Jens said...

And a Happy New Year.

BaldyLocks said...

Thanks Skip the Wheatgrass,

I'll look into doing that. Thanks :)

Jens, Merry Christmas & a very wonderful new year!

OPHare said...


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Kyra and Rick said...

Hey missy - love the photos (makes me a little homesick...) The second one from the top is beautiful - Miss you, and keep relishing life! (And don't work too hard!!!)