Sunday, September 23, 2007

All Artists Smoke Pot

Turns out I'm a pot smoker and didn't know it. Why you ask? Well didn't you read the title? I'm an ARTIST. I know about the stereotypes of artists being flighty and hippie like. Both things which I am truly not. In fact the other day I was speaking to a PHD student who told me you CAN'T be creative AND a level/headed, business type.

Hmmmm. Funny considering I'm applying to take my Masters in Business Admin. I've studied business for years, as well as art.

My funniest experience with this is when I was in hospital for my transplant. I was reacting badly to most of the medications I was given. They tried several different meds for my constant nausea but nothing worked so they wanted to give me nabilone. Nabilone is a diravitive of marijuana. I began asking all the questions of what sort of side effects will this have ? (I'd learned now to ask about each and everything they would give me. Some of my reactions to the meds were bad)

One of my best nurses said, " Well you're an artist. You've smoked pot!"

Uh. Actually, I've never tried it.

"What do you mean you've never tried it? You're an artist, you smoke pot!"

Wow did we have a huge laugh in that room that day. There were a couple of other nurses and a friend of mine who vouched for me that I was indeed telling the truth.

Nothing like laughing with the ridiculousness of it all. Through nausea and hell you can still laugh.

I never did get to experience pot. They gave it to me twice but I threw it up both times. I guess I'll have to leave the rainbows and munchies for another time.


Megan said...

Oh wow, a nurse said that? LOL...awwwwkward. ; )

Sandra Eileen said...

interesting perspective.

Caelista said...

Great title--it made me come over here to read your post. :-)

Nora said...

More like paranoia and munchies, you weren't missing much! According to the commercials on tv it makes you get flat too!

BaldyLocks said...

Paranoid? Yikes! I wouldn't have needed to add any paranoia to the mix.

BaldyLocks said...

Ok. It worked to add a comment on my own blog. Now why can't I leave comments on others?

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