Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back to Life

The mind is willing but the body is not quite there yet. I've been yearning to get into my studio and paint. I'm still not up to it but I know it's coming. I've been buying things thinking I will do something with them.

First I dropped into a thrift store and came out with these ceramic bunnies. What the heck am I going to do with those? Yesterday I went out to the art supply store and Michaels (the biggest supplier of craft crack). I bought glass Mason jars, glitter, small canvas' and even a rubber stamp. These have all been impulse buys! The last time I bought a stamp was 15 years ago.

Really, I have no clue what I'm doing with this stuff. I'm a bit like a crow, I like shiny things. Unfortunately I don't have a job, or any money. Oops.

This morning I dared to enter the studio and tried to make myself at home. My favorite orange chair seems a bit like a cold stranger. I've spent a lot of happy hours here.

I know I will again.

The state of my work table is a bit chaotic but I did do a little mucking around. I'm pretty excited about what I'm doing.

It's a start.


Kelly Kane said...

Let's talk about how creepy those bunnies are, I mean REALLY BFF, you might have nightmares!!

Oh and I love the chair!!!

I feel like you owe me a long email, because I said so :)


Bohemian Chic said... this is the girl I know and love...the bunny in the glass jar is just so you...hahahha. This reminds me of when we both lived in a certain small town and my boy and your three where running a muck and we would stand in your house amongst the chaos and talk about all our thrift store finds and feeling so creative...good times...your studio reminds me of your old place

BaldyLocks said...

Really creepy! No pupils! What was that person thinking when they glazed them?

What was I thinking when I bought them?

Why do I have glitter now. Oh the questions.

Bohemian Chic said...

mmmmmmm glitter...hahahah

Anonymous said...

I too am crow-like, and seize shiny things upon impulse. I'm rooting for your artwork. LOVE the bunnies. And now I want to go to Michael's.