Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chemo Girl #2

So... it seemed Chemo Girl and Slipper Boy had parted ways and that would be that.

One day Chemo Girl realized that Slipper Boy was in possession of a source of her super powers...her photos of her head getting shaved. These photos were no mere photos. They were, in fact, the precise moment when Chemo Girl became a super hero with all of her associated powers.

As Chemo Girl was too weak to do anything until she received her photos back, her friend sent a message to Slipper Boy. Chemo Girl would love to have her photos back...please...

Well, this sent Slipper Boy into a delusional rage. The Dark Side had pierced his heart and there was no turning back. The brave friend deflected evil messages left and right doing her best to protect Chemo Girl. Unbenownst to her, evil, defaming messages were being sent to Chemo Girl's other friends as well.

Slipper Boy demanded to confront Chemo Girl herself in a battle for the Photos.

He tried to distract her with other pictures which were obviously not THE photos and tried to shame Chemo Girl as well as many other desperate deeds. He said the photos were "ruined" and that he "didn't know how to send them". His pathetic attempts did not fool Chemo Girl. She's not stupid.

Chemo Girl resisted for as long as possible but it seemed there was no other way...She would have to confront the now evil Slipper Boy if she EVER wanted to see her photos again....

Weak...but trying not to show it she fired a tactful but curt message to Slipper Boy to PLEASE return the All Important Photos.


Slipper Boy's angst seemingly melted and he sent them. But not without a reprimand trying to make Chemo Girl feel like a bad child.

Chemo Girl held her head high and did not stoop to his evil methods by sending him the all encompassing Hate Letter. She moved on just hoping that his damage to her circle was superficial and knowing that his powers had diminished to.....

....the point of non existance....

So, once again Chemo Girl had kicked ass. Maybe next time she'll have to aim for his balls.


Bohemian Chic said...

I would pay to see that last part...slipper boys days are numbered

Kelly Kane said...

Okay, I'm all caught up on the autobiographical comic... yes that's what we're calling it. Slipper Boy sounds like a giant douche bag, and I'm glad you didn't stoop to his level... even though, it sometimes is really liberating to send nasty letters... but then can often bite you in the ass, as well as drive you so far on the ground to his level -- and hey, let's think about it, we're a lil weak, we can't always get up from the ground easy. So I say fuck slipper boy, but obviously not in the literal sense because that might cause some drama... duh. I'm a little disappointed that he didn't turn out to be better and maybe offer you the well-needed snugglypoos (yes, I made that word up, and yes you're welcome to incorporate it into you every day conversations) that you deserve.

Ya know, next June me and the folks from the lymphoma message board are going to have an anti hodge bonanza in Boston... folks are coming from all over, even from Scotland and England... and you're welcome to join in the festivities, afterall you are my new bff. And of course, by then we should both have fabulous flowing hair and lots of energy, so of course... that means we'll pick up lots of men that want to put out. Afterall, you're only a 10ish hour drive away (according to mapquest) :)

I hope your friends don't hate my candid comments, and I hope they entertain you and keep you away from the crankies and Slipper Boy :)

Go buy some spearmint stuff!


Kelly Kane said...

Dearest BFF,

I'm sad to say you're the only leukemia people I know, so as of now you'd be the only leukemia people... but duh, you would fit in, and we would be Charlies Angles! But it's a ways away, so you could think it over! I promise there will be cancertini's and fun!

Ember said...

Ha!Now part of your important power has been restored to you... slipper boy must face defeat..... will he go out screaming? or redeem himself?