Friday, December 28, 2007

Holy CryFest, Batman!

What the hell? I'm like an emotional, early menopausal, steroidal FREAK.

I've always liked to think of myself like Spock. Whenever life is tough, I get tougher.

"Did you just say that you ran over my dog because you were playing your ipod and chatting on your cellphone simultaneously while driving and applying mascara?"

"Well, that's illogical"

Now I think everything is "cute", yet at the same time feel like ripping everybody's lungs out. I hate everybody....yet they're cute. What the...????

Things that emotionally hurt and I used to swallow, now throw me into an emotional state of turmoil, wallowing and pity. Oh poor freak'n me!

Don't make me remind you of the Snapple purchase/crying incident. Who the hell was that?

This commercial I swear could have been made directly about me right now (minus the smoking).

My logical mind still exists and it's saying "Booo Frikety Hoo. Get over it!" Apparently my logical mind is a bit of an emotional hard ass.


Kelly Kane said...

My dear, do what ya gotta do! Actually, I've got 3 hours on you... if you're lucky, I might give you a jingle :)


Nora said...

Ahhh I love that Nicoderm commercial. I feel like that quite a bit myself during the holidays too. I'm with Kelly Kane; do what ya gotta do. Best of Luck!