Thursday, October 9, 2008

Completion of the Anniversary/Birthday Post OR Blogger Love

The one thing I forgot to add to my last post, was about all the amazing people I've been connected with. I had no idea blogging was such a social exercise. There have been many a day which was rough and without any expectation, people were there with their kind words and support. This shocked me.

You, the readers and commenters really helped me see myself and let me know I meant something to them. I'm not a waste of space because my bloggers say so!

Everyone has those days of why? What am I doing that's worthwhile...and then come the beautiful comments. My greatest treasure gained by blogging, has been you.

Thank you.

thank you

Thank you


April H said...

Its funny, you probably help us equally as much :) Thanks for the great read. You are a true inspiration.


High Desert Diva said...

When you started your blog, we all received a gift.

T.Allen said...

No. Thank you. For an oft-times different perspective. Surely, your strength in the face of adversity has been a tremendous gift to your readers as well.

hockeychic said...

High Desert Diva said exactly what I was thinking - your blog is a wonderful gift.

You could never be a waste of space.

Ndinombethe said...

Haven't made it here in way too long. Sorry. Just caught up on all I've missed.

Love the cave pictures. I'm sure your sons do remember that mother. She's still in there. When you get your energy back you'll be able to do those things again. Don't be hard on yourself. You're fighting a difficult battle.

As for them having their own lives, I'm almost already grieving for the time when my boy disappears into teenager-hood. I know he'll resurface in his twenties and i won't be such a nag, and a pain and whatever else he's going to think I am when he's a teenager. It's coming and I'm not looking forward to it. They'll come back to you eventually.

Hugs for you...

And ditto "High desert Diva"

Ronni Gordon said...

Looks like you have a great blog. I'm relatively new to this country (cancer survivor blogosphere) but I've already found so much support and such good company here.

Anonymous said...

Baldylocks - finally made it onto your blog...your writing is powerful - you have a gift. NP

Anonymous said...
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