Saturday, March 27, 2010


I'm sick.... again.

This time it's been six days but what seems to happen, is that my multiple ailments start to overlap making things really hard. Most days I have some sort of physical problem that I'm managing and usually I can have an alright day. Sometimes another thing will creep in.

I was sick for three full months with the H1N1 flu and it was awful. I'm still thankful that I was able to manage through Christmas because it's really hard to explain to people what I'm dealing with and also hard to get all of my obligations taken care of.

Well, whatever I have right now was given to me by my son and of course they sail through it and keep functioning but I screech to a sudden halt.

My stomach has been giving me problems, my skin has eczema that's flaring so my face is itchy, blotchy and red, my throat is killing me, peeling lips, my tongue is swelling and my eyes are gumming up horribly. So badly, in fact that my eyes are completely red and are crusted over when I wake up in the morning. I'm a mess. I'm getting a little worried this cold/flu is manifesting itself to be something sinister.

I was just at the Dr. last week, before this cold thingy took hold. Right now it's graft vs host, pollen from our early spring and the bacteria or virus rampaging around my body. Good grief. It's in miserable little moments like this that I feel a wee bit sorry for myself.

I had to go out today to buy fake tears and watch my sons rugby game. Luckily I have the largest pair of sunglasses known to man. I had several people say, 'cool shades' which made me feel a little bit less of a red eyed freak. Of course my youngest son said, 'those sunglasses look TOO big!'

Ahhh, the bigger the better, little one. The bigger the better.


Caroline said...

I wonder what ever happened to the days where I didn't hurt. I miss them. But I do like your shades. And (a bit tardily) I admit I love your Stand Up to Cancer video. I am not a warrior, survivor, or any other of those labels. I am merely a person living with cancer. Did you see Dana Jennings post on the NY Times on the same thing recently? I think it was called something like 'When words aren't enough'. Anyway, feel better!

Ann aka ButDoctorIHatePink said...

Hey girl,

I'm a firm believer in peer review and clinical studies. That said, I hear Argan Oil can help eczema and it doesn't hurt to give it a go. You want the pure stuff, not the kind with silicone. It's expensive but Sephora has trials of Jessie Moran brand for $14, so you can see if it works. I've also seen the pure oil at Sally Beauty Supply.

Hope you feel better soon.

BaldyLocks said...

Thanks Caroline :) Hurting constantly is such a hurdle to living a normal everyday life.

Ann, thanks for the tips. I have a cream that did work alright on me but seems to be making the face redness worse. The skin on my face is hyper sensitive. I'll check in to the ones you mentioned as alternatives. For now I'm using a cortisone cream.

The Dr. told me that eczema can be aggravated by pollen, which no one had ever told me before.... and if you saw the earlier photos of all our early blossoms, it all makes sense.

I'm such a red blotchy mess right now! But I'm also a touch better this morning. Oops, make that this afternoon.

Jens said...

I'm sorry that you are not doing very well right now. It seems your youngest son is always so rational. Cool sunglasses. Get well soon.

Dawny said...

Feel better soon


Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

E45 cream slathered all over the eczema and some of that hydrating eye spray that you spray on closed eyelids for the eyes is all I can suggest.

Sorry not much help really.
Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

another eczema remedy for you (i know it's the least of your worries but every little bit helps right?...) my husband is prone to it and at its worst had it covering his entire face hands and feet. coconut oil was suggested through other bogs i read (cjanerun and nieniedialogues). i ordered the product they suggested (, however you could use coconut oil intended for cooking. it cleared the eczema up on his feet in a FEW DAYS!!! it's also a great moisturizer to use in general, i love it as does my mom who is prone to peeling dry hands that nothing else cures. good luck! sending you healing 'ju-ju' reading your blog often, know that we are thinking of you ;) <3 Jenn

BaldyLocks said...

Thanks for all the eczema tips guys, I really appreciate it :)

Sweetlife said...

I DID see the NY Times article...I printed it out & brought it to my therapist! :-) We discussed the fact that it expressed EXACTLY how I feel!

Glad the eczema is clearing up..Good Luck Baldylocks!