Thursday, June 3, 2010

New York -Walking Brooklyn Bridge

The first non conference day when I was left alone on my own in the city, I just started walking. I had no destination in mind or ideas of what I might want to see, I just put on my shoes and headed out. Well, I wasn't far from the Brooklyn Bridge and I knew Etsy has an office on the other side so I decided to walk across. It was hot and humid, very very muggy. Being from the West Coast, I had an idea of what muggy might feel like and this was definitely it. I guess it's kind of like being from a place where you've never experienced snow. We don't get much snow but we do have clean crisp air.

The heat and the moisture felt like it was closing in on my body. The warm wind blew mist droplets into my eyes which is why my photo looks so serious. I have graft vs host in my eyes so they don't clear themselves out like they should.

I loved every minute of my trek across the water. The wind blew, the traffic raced by down below and there were the sound of bike bells ringing as cyclists rode by on the boardwalk in the bike lane.

There were a few lonely looking vendors selling silk-screened T's of the bridge and surrounding scenery. I really wished I could have bought a couple for my sons but I had no money for this trip.

Which is fine because I'm actually quite content to see where my feet will take me.

In the distance in this last photo is the Statue of Liberty which was becoming visible through the mist.

Walking the bridge was an intensely beautiful experience.

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Caroline said...

I always wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It looks wonderful.