Friday, September 10, 2010

MRI Me, Baby!

I have my important gallery opening tonight where they're going to pat me on the back for my photo but all I can seem to do today is stress. I'm meeting some friends later and my son who are coming with me to the opening and I should be excited. I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun.

The problem is I have a long awaited appointment today with an oncologist. I've been doing well and had graduated from having to travel to Vancouver all of the time. This doctor is coming here because we don't have any bone marrow specialists here on the island. I'm lucky that I only have to have these appointments every 6 months now. Traveling to them before was such a huge chunk of my life and I had it all down to a fine science.

Seeing him/her here and the fact that it's someone I don't know is making me feel like a fish out of water. Especially because there are problems.

When I go see him/her I need to discuss the problems with my joints and let him know that I need an MRI asap. My GP is worried about my hip pain and so am I. It has eased off a little pain wise but it's still there. Because the x-ray was inconclusive they need to look inside of me to see what's going on.

MRI me baby.


Jill said...

Hi...I just want to say that the oncologists at the clinic here in Victoria are the best.
My daughter works there and has told me that I may lose my oncologist because one of them is going on sabbatical leave and my oncologist may be taking over his place because of the shortage of the ones who work in blood cancers there. This means he will be giving up all his breast cancer patients....oh I hope not because he is the best but if it comes to that I will understand but will be very sad. I haven't heard anymore in the last few weeks but guess I will find out when I see him next week. He is Dr. Hart.....
I hope your opening goes great tonight and wish you all the best. You will do fantastic!

BaldyLocks said...

Thanks Jill. I just got back and it all went well but I seem to be having severe stress/panic today.

I hope you don't lose your oncologist but if you do I'm sure the next one will be just as good :)