Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Flu that Never Ends and the Magic Elixir

So, I'm still under the influence of this flu. I'm seeing a minor improvement as the days go by and hope to be rid of this damn bug by Christmas. Or sooner.

After about a week of this misery I decided a mini cherry cheesecake might do me a world of good. When I actually tried it though, the miraculous effects I had hoped for didn't emerge... and then I just felt guilty. After several more days passed I bought myself a coffee which is fairly unusual for me.

A few days after that I was out doing my usual mom chores (because those never end, sick or not) and I stumbled upon a Starbucks.

Despite hating to give corporate Starbucks my money when I have local shops I could go to, I was seduced by it's warm atmosphere. The inside was a generically cozy, and there was the large board of delights to choose from. After standing in a small line I purchased a small peppermint mocha.

Somehow that warm, consistant across continents, pepperminty coffee made the whole world feel okay for the time it took to drink it. Several days later when I had to go out again, I tried another one not expecting the same magical effects. Well, again I was soothed into feeling a little better when I had it's warm paper cup in my hands. When I slurped the whipping cream with the little shaker bits of minty chocolate I felt transformed. The hot mocha made my throat feel a lot less scratchy and irritated.

It may not have been the most PC or ethical purchases that I've ever made but, it was a little piece of heaven.

Sigh. Now if I could just figure out how to get this headache to go away.


Caroline said...

I would send you a gallon of the magic elixir if it would make you feel better.

Pateeta said...

Peppermint mocha IS the Elixir of Life! I can't do coffee these days and I sorely miss that, more than anything else I've given up. Enjoy it, love it, swim in it if you can! I hope you feel better soon.

hockeychic said...

It's the warmth, the chocolate, the whipped cream. It's the ultimate elixir. There is also something about the ritual of drinking it too that I find soothing.

Really hoping you feel so much better very soon.

Dawny said...

Hmmmm yum, and Starbucks have the Christmassy red takeaway cup now....the count down is on....

Wishing your flu will disappear soon