Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Confessions of a Sniper (AKA Trip to the Beach)

So I actually left the confines of my cozy bed and my house today. It was sunny and the neighborhood was still feeling the wrath of the previous nights storm. I truly wasn't looking for trouble, but somehow, trouble always finds me.

I took off my shoes to put my feet in the sand, it was an innocent enough action. Little did I know that the stealth would come in handy today.

As I walked quietly along, I nearly fell into the nest of a waiting red jellyfish. It didn't see me which was lucky because they are highly poisonous and are prone to attack. I left it alone and slipped by without a sound.

As I passed the playground I noticed some strange behavior. Some guy had a small, red contraption which he was putting out to entice crows. The crows were mesmerized and he continued to move it, step back and watch the crows try to open it. I was back in the shadows watching with intrigue. That's right, I like to watch.

I was careful not to be noticed. Unfortunately for him, old habits die hard. When his back was turned, he was sniped. I was trained by the best and I have the grad photos to prove it.

As I headed up the beach I saw a familiar form. It was that damned Sasquatch again. Those hairy buggers are everywhere. This is Canada after all. It was just too easy, so I sniped it too.

If only we could get them to clean up their own damned land mines. Nobody likes a non pooper scooper.

Of course the photo is blurry. Isn't that always the way?

That's when things started to get a little interesting.

The storm had thrown a sail boat up onto shore. That's when my suspicions were confirmed about the idiocy of (some)men. I try to defend them but sometimes there's just no way around it.

They were attempting to drag the ship out of the muck with a large power boat and about 75 meters of regular marine rope. OMFG. That damn thing is going to snap! Of course it did but not after dragging the bow around towards the ocean. My sniping capabilities scored some great shots. I think I may get an art show out of this.

Unfortunately I got cocky and a little lazy. I got caught. Suddenly I found myself stuck in a conversation about what type of camera I had, was told red jellyfish are stingers and that the tide was coming in when it was actually going out. I was pitted in a one sided discussion about how the other men should correctly remove the boat because they were doing it wrong, how I should get a lens cap holder and how my camera is not waterproof. I'll spare you the other details.

Apparently my cover worked. Yeah, I'm just a girl.

Just another day. At least I got my feet in the sand...


Skully said...

Yay you!

You have very dark coloured sand. I'll have to take a trip down to the beach in Swansea and show you pics of ours.

Kelly Kane said...


Andrea said...

Great post! Wish I was there!

JennyBunnyEtsy said...

i love your toes.