Monday, November 12, 2007

Fungi Day

Ikk. Today I feel sluggish and haven't managed to get out of bed. I've tried once or twice but ended up back under my covers. I feel like maybe I could get out of my bed and perhaps I'd feel better if I did.

Then the guilt comes. Maybe I'm lazy?

A storm raged all night and kept me from sleeping. Rain pelted loudly at my windows and the wind roared at my roof. When you're tired and the brain is fuzzy it can keep you from seeing the obvious, like I'm tired because I didn't sleep.

I finally dragged myself out in my backyard to take a photo of some fungus, because that's how I feel. Immobile.

I feel like I've become one with my bed, small roots taking a tight hold on my mattress. I used to walk to the beach every day. I'm sure my feet are suffering from the lack of sand in my toes. I think if I don't go, I might just disappear.

I'll do it tomorrow.


Kelly Kane said...

BFF! You're getting very creative in your few minutes of being outside!! :) I love it!

I was supposed to be sleeping (since I have to work tomorrow) instead I rearranged my whole closet!! And let's face it, that'll help me sleep so much better!



Bohemian Chic said...

Don't feel bad..I to went back to bed to day....that wind was horrible last night...its a good day to go and live in bed

Skully said...

Don't you go fading away! I like my cup of tea in the morning reading your blog. It sets me thinking for the day and gives me drive.

Send me an address/P.O. box I can send you some hoop connectors too so all you need to do is get pipe, then you can wiggle your sell happy on the beach with your toes in the sand.

Skully said...

Wiggle yourself happy.... silly me. I'm a bit fuzzy headed today.

JennyBunnyEtsy said...

lovely photo...

and you'd never disappear, luff, you have made such an impact on everyone around you...

On a funny note: Don't make me come over there and boot you out of bed!