Friday, November 9, 2007

Huge Vagina

I certainly don't have this problem.


Kelly Kane said...


How about the Vagina Monologues?

I went to see it on a first date once, which was really the most hillarious, spectacular, first date eva. My date (who I had known for years, and actually dated for like 4 months) quoted the play and offered to "stare a my vagina for hours" ha ha ha!!! Where do I sign up!

Hope you're at least laughing...


ReBuildingYou (and me) said...

I clicked on your link on my site - just to check if it was working... And I had a wonderful laugh at all the video clips. Where did you find them. Rosanne you are AMAZING... Gutsy... Real. Talented. Please please please come salsa dancing with me. Let's just do it. Or watch for a little while and then come home and have tea. And I hope you get every single one of your wishes. xxxxx