Friday, December 7, 2007

Climbing Mountains

My Photoshop is working again so I'm going to torture you with photos! Ha Ha! Using my Photoshop right now is a little like torture because it's sooooooo slow.

Today I drove up to the mountain near my home and hauled myself to the top lookout. I realized it was nearly 2 years ago when I tried to hike up the mountain with my kids but could hardly make it to the top. I thought I was really out of shape.

Nope. It was just cancer.

The mountain looks a lot bigger to me than it used to. I had to drive but I still felt exhilarated to be there.

I even took a self portrait to prove I made it! There was some walking involved.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Is that the one you can see from the top of Anderson Hill?? I forget what it's called. Looking down on McNeil Bay. I get the best beach glass there...

Good for YOU for climbing it - must feel great.

Chia said...

Wonderful pictures and so nice to come here and see you climbing back up to the top. :) The day will come when you can leave your car at the bottom.

Duane said...

Wonderful pictures!!