Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Online Friends

I have attended a support group for young women with cancer which runs once a month. I go so I can find other people who have gone through some of the same things as me. I'm looking for some kinship and understanding without having to always say the words "cancer sucks". I'm looking for someone who has similar life issues and/or a similar mind set.

This sense of being out there alone hasn't been shaken yet. Despite that, I've found I have made great headway online. I have met amazing people here from all over the globe. Even though I have not met them in the flesh, I feel like they are in my court and have stood by my side at many moments.

Tonight I spoke to Kelly on the phone and yakked for a loooong time. I'm sure if Skully and Kelly were down the road we could have tea or martinis or whatever. That would rock.

I could list many others on here whom I love to hear from (everbody!). A few I know, one I've met and hope to see again, and others I hope to meet in person. You guys kick ass.


One Mother with Cancer said...

I know what you mean. Just talking to my husband sometimes I leave so many things out, because I don't want him to worry, or he just wouldn't understand where I'm coming from.

Cancer does suck, but still you walk away with so many other blessings due to your illness.

Skully said...

You're pretty kick ass yourself lady. I was so down this morning until I opened my email box. I've concluded that life really isn't about the grand gestures or the big plans and schemes, it's not about making money, it's not about beating the next guy to first place. It's about the small loving, friendly gestures that people make to you that cause you to crack a smile. It's about the very second you are in and making it the best you can for you and everyone around you.

Here's to this second! Cheers!

BaldyLocks said...