Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Stars Have Spoken

I'm not much for horoscopes but today mine seemed right on target.

"There is no point in lamenting what might have been. There is no point in looking back and saying 'If only...' or 'What if?' According to some philosophers time is an illusion -there is no past and no future, only the eternal present -and if you can get your head around that idea it will cheer you up immensely."

I'm not a big fan of looking back but I am a big fan of looking forward, as that is where life's opportunities lie. I'm not very good at staying in the eternal present which is all I have right now. I have this moment, today. I might as well learn to deal with it.

As a chronic planner and dreamer I'm used to being able to know what I'm doing and where I am going. I'm ambitious and find this "in the now" stuff weird. I've never been one for small talk or doing anything without some sort of ultimate plan. I've never hung out at coffee houses or hung out aimlessly with friends. I do believe my lack of ability to do those things is one of my faults.

"Luckily" I'm being forced to work on it.

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Kelly Kane said...

You motivated me to read my horoscope... and it was very interesting, and actually dead on as well - weird, huh???