Sunday, December 9, 2007

Track/Yoga Pant Hell

I am super stressed and I think I now know why. I thought it might be because of my slow Photoshop, having 3 teenagers, being misunderstood, broke at Christmas or because of cancer. Heck no! It's these damned track pants!

I wrote of my track pant misery in September and things haven't improved. Due to cold weather and having only one pair of pants that fit me, I went out and bought....a pair of yoga pants! They were cheap and stretchy, okay! None of my old clothes fit because I'm still puffy from my medications. I'm being tapered and getting slightly less puffy each day so there is no point in buying more clothes yet.

I feel uncomfortable all the time and don't want to leave the house because of it. I stay in my flannel pj's as much as humanly possible without offending the neighbors (or the grocery store clerk). I've dreamed of getting a mu mu. I've tried snitching my kids jackets because mine don't close up at the front and it's cold outside. Unfortunately they don't want to take them off for fear I will taint them with my parental uncoolness. Maybe if I just crank up the heat in the house a little?

I want baggy things that cover my butt. I want to not feel clothing clinging to every part of my body. I can't take being frumpy mom lady anymore! I think the track pants have stolen my soul!

I think I need an exorcism.

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