Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh, yeah

My tenant woke me up last night grinding his beans at 2:00 am. Who DOES that in the middle of the night?

So despite not having the best sleep last night, I did something naughty. Okay, it wasn't so much naughty as it was just pushing my boundaries way too far. I know that's what kind of person I am, running before I get one foot out the door. I just anticipate that the door will open by the time I get there. In this instance I anticipate getting well enough,


to take a Photoshop class.

A couple of weeks ago getting myself to the school would have been all I could have managed. Today I managed to get there and have a passable amount of focus for an hour. I had to borrow money and dicker until they brought the minimum 3 hour long sessions to 2 hours. I can't sit through a normal class and I can't focus for 3 hours. Have I said Fuck Chemo Brain and Cancer before?

So, anyway, it was exhilerating! Better than sex (like I have any frame of reference for that).

After one hour I started losing it and it seemed as if she were speaking an unknown language. I'm a bit afraid I may be throwing money out the door because I may not remember most of what she taught me but I loved it. My teacher is such a wealth of knowledge. There is SO much to do and learn in this world. I'll be pissed if I don't get my full run at it.

I've had too much excitement today and I'm fading so, I'm out.

Oh, and I meant his COFFEE BEANS. I know what you were thinking.


Christine said...

Hello Baldylocks (love the name!). I especially enjoyed your post about Spanx. I must admit that I own a pair which I wore once. I think I prefer breathing to having a firm rear.

I look forward to reading more on your blog, when I don't have to dash off to make a living. Searching the myCSL site and reading blogs is becoming addictive...


High Desert Diva said...

Congrats on getting to class!

Any chance your teacher would be willing to let you tape the class?

wildcat said...

Keep it up BaldyLocks. I love your spirit....and your blog.

Anonymous said...

OmG! The whole beans thing cracked me up! Enjoy your class and I'm sure you will remember more than you think! Nicole from CSC

Bohemian Chic said...

Yeah awesome will love it. If it gets too much try taking an online course next time..thats what I did. I could lay in bed and compute and when I had enough I would come back to it later..I learned sooooo much and napped when needed *¿*

Kelly Kane said...

Yay for school! I heart school as well -- or really any sort of learning thing set up like a classroom... I'm always the front row kid with all the questions... duh

trinlayk said...

See if you can TAPE your class... I did this for a lot of my lecture courses.

You'll at least have something to help you remember/understand what was said later on,