Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rat Jerks

I'm having a territorial battle right now. I'm defending and reclaiming a space that belongs to me.

My patio.

I love to lay outside at night and sleep under the stars. I used to occasionally sleep under the stars when I lived out of town. I haven't been able to recently because I didn't have a yard for a couple of years and I live in the city.

Well, now I have this amazing patio and slept here last night on my couch cushions. It was heaven feeling the cool air and falling asleep under the stars. I've known for a while now that rats have invaded my patio.

As I woke up in the morning I heard a rustle and a little face peered out at me from between the boards.I stared it down and let it know who was boss. Unfortunately it was cute. I poked the wisteria that it was climbing through with a broom. This is MY space!

So now I'm laying here quite comfortably in the dark with my computer. They have stepped up their tactics for keeping me out. It's obvious they've been plotting.

They keep rustling in the wisteria and occasionally one will run across the floor near me but out of my sight. I know they are trying to scare me. Little jerks. Don't they know I'm queen here?


I fell asleep and was out there until 3 in the morning when the wind picked up. Non of them jumped on me so all is good.


T.Allen said...

They don't wanna mess with you!

Michelle said...

Yikes, i'm afraid of rats!!!
They scary!!