Thursday, January 8, 2009


I hereby decree, that anyone who has had cancer or any other sucky asshole health malady (yes, health conditions will now all be defined and referred to as assholes) shall no longer to be subject to any airborne or surface spread pathogens.

Unbelievable. I've done my time. I've suffered many ailments. Why don't we just add insult to injury with this half assed attempt to kill me (aka, a cold).


High Desert Diva said...

Oh hell.

You probably got it at the damn doctor's office.

My Inspired Reality said...

I second the decree about the airborne pathogens:)

Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

I third it!

You keep cosy warm, drink loads of fluids and kick those stinking assholes butts!

Grrrr I hate viruses!

The Stewart Stuff said...

Really, why can't you get a free pass here. You deserve it. Kick that colds butt!

Catherine Chandler said...

Seriously?! Your doctors should make house calls. Stupid dr. offices.

One of my friends has something called PCOS, which I have nicknamed "Pieceofshit".

Charmaine said...

Wear a mask next time you visit your doc. Then wash your hands while your there and when you get home.

Assholes are everywhere.

Are you immunosupressed right now? I need to catch up on yer blog little lady.

Kate Burton said...

Can I hear a HELL YEAH!

Parallax said...

Colds are just sneaky miserable little bastards -- I'll add my vote to your decree.

Hope you kick it's little pathogen butt soon.

Charlotte said...

Oh God! A cold. Sorry you're feeling rough!

I HATE colds too and I 'fourth' that decree;
but you - YOU just totally DESERVE a break!

Hope you're feeling better soon xxxx

Anonymous said...

take're not alone in your grim state--I too woke up to milkless tea...which in my opinion is not tea at all. Harumph.