Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Foiled Again!

I haven't been feeling great since my trip and am not recovering. My sleeping problems have escalated and I'm getting to the point where I'm really slow and a bit loopy at moments. I'm barely able to get the basics done, like buy food, clean the house ..... not burn down the house...

So I put up my portable hammock inside my living room in front of the TV. I know it's bad when I'm watching TV because I hate the television. It melts minds.

So I lay down for Oprah and then America's Got Talent went by as well as a Tyra sex episode, Hell's Kitchen, several episodes of Friends, City TV talking about pastels in home decorating, the news, Fairly Oddparents and a film about the majestic Canadian Rockies. I was on an unbroken 5 hour hammock streak when the phone rang. Darling boy # 2 needed to be picked up because he was vomiting at his girlfriends house. He had called earlier thinking he possibly had food poisoning and luckily for me felt better by the time I picked him up. I cracked him open a gingerlale.

So 10 minutes shy of clean 5 hour hammockathon thwarted. It would have been a personal best for me.


Ed Everest said...

Sorry to hear you aren't recovering yet and are having serious sleep problems - that's a bummer :(
I'm puzzled (as a person with no experience of hammocks) - how do you watch television in a hammock - is it possible to be in a more or less sitting position so you are watching face-on? Or do you watch side-on to the tele set somehow?
I hope your current unwellness fades away S-O-O-O-O-O-N.
Cheers and hugs - Ed.

BaldyLocks said...

Well, I aim it mostly towards the TV and then have a giant couch cushion that's shaped like a pillow under my back. It feels like sitting in a cloud.

Nice to hear from you, Ed :)

Ed Everest said...

Thanks Baldylocks - sounds relaxing :)
I'd like a portable hammock - I'll see if I can find one in a local adventure shop.

BaldyLocks said...

You won't regret it! I love my hammock beyond all reason.

Christine J said...

Hi, I just noticed this link on
H2H and thought I would take a peek. I had no idea that you have been going through this. I know you dont pop in to H2H very often and now I see why.

I listened to your video link and applaud your attitude and think you are truly amazing.

I walked your path with my brother some 5 years ago. Unfortunately his transplant was not successful and we lost him within 11 months of diagnosis.

I totally sympathise with your lack of sleep. I have been suffering from an anxiety disorder for the past 5 months which has resulted in me becoming a complete insomniac....seriously not funny.

Hang in there lovely lady. You have come so far and I truly wish you a wonderful and bright future.