Monday, November 1, 2010

Down Time

Ugh. There is so much down time in my life. I begin doing something extra and it goes well for a few weeks and then BAM, I'm down for the count. I can't convey how frustrating this is for me and I'm sure for others reading this.

When I am physically unable to function I get very upset, frustrated, and down. Not down in a sense that I'm depressed, just down with the circumstances I'm in. I need to give in to my body's needs and let it run it's course. I've learned through never ending trial and error that there is no other way to deal with it.

After 4 years you start to know your limitations. I have learned and accepted a level of patience I never thought would even enter my life.

It actually feels a lot like being whipped. My body is letting me know who is in charge.

This time it has started out with the usual week of fatigue and is being topped off with the flu. I need to roll over and let the fatigue and illness overtake me until it's done, and then I will get up and keep moving.

If there was a patience medal, I think I would have it by now.

Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating.


The Carcinista said...

Ugh. You'd think you've used up your lifetime allotment of "sick" by now, right? So sorry you have the flu, but good for you to let it take over and give yourself the rest you need.

Here's hoping it's over soon and life can flood back in.


stitchntyme said...

I read your post on an Etsy thread and followed you here. You are beyond a doubt awesome!

I am excited to have found you.

Take care of you!
Someone who cares in Arizona