Saturday, January 22, 2011

Old Haunts

My life is still separated into two sections, before cancer and after. I used to work 24/7 in university, at my job and parenting my sons. I didn't know many people in Victoria at the time and on Fridays I would take myself out for noodles.

I loved my Fridays because I felt I had put it a good amount of work all week and this was my way of rewarding myself since it's the little things that count. My daily routine was amazing and I loved it.

So since my life is nothing like it was, I occasionally try to fit a moment in that feels like the old days. Last week I was on my own so I went on a little jaunt to Chinatown to pick up some noodles. It felt like a little magical moment.

There was a parking space waiting for me, the lanterns were glowing and the noodles (chili plum not too spicy) were extraordinarily delicious.

And for some reason this old school RV sitting there seemed like a symbol for all the things I have yet to do in my life. Places to go, things to see....

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Dawny said...

Great you are back.... xxx